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Dental Crowns at Smile Lines Family Dentistry

Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and each of our staff is highly trained in the use of our equipment for your safety and comfort. To ensure the best dental experience for our patients, each and every member of our staff receives on going and structured education in their field of Dental Crowns and is up to date with the most modern technologies and practices in dental implants.

What Is a Crown?

Dental CrownA dental crown is a form of a “cap” that is tooth shaped and put over a tooth to cover it.  Crowns also restore the shape, strength, and size of a tooth. It also improves the appearance of a tooth. When the dental crown is cemented into the right position, it wholly encloses the full visible area of a tooth that always lies above and at the gum line. Once the dental crown is secured in the right place, it will be able to blend discreetly with the surrounding teeth.

CEREC is a revolutionary new system. The traditional approach to crowns involves two stages, the diagnostics is the first stage followed by the actual fitting of the crown in the second stage. The traditional method usually results in a two week wait time. Having the CEREC machine in our office allows us to diagnose (take a 3D image) and produce the ceramic crown all in one visit, often times saving our patients time and money. If you are in need of a replacement or restoration then you should definitely consider the CEREC system. Call us today at (520) 494-7578 to schedule a consultation and to learn more about CEREC and Smiles Lines Dental.

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Advantages of Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic crowns give you the smile you have been hoping for! Ceramic crowns modern technology allows for our dentists to match the crown to the surrounding teeth in color, size and appearance so no one will ever notice a chipped or damaged tooth. The crown’s material is translucent which allows for you to have that natural look all while having the damaged tooth repaired.  The ceramic crown material is thinner allowing the gum tissue to grow alongside the crown and don’t worry about those metal allergies – with ceramic crowns there is no risk of allergy.

To ensure that your dental crown is the right size, color, and shape, you need to visit professional dentists like Smile Lines Dental.

Benefits Of Using Crowns

A dental crown has so many advantages that include the following:

  • It can support a damaged tooth as a result of tooth decay.
  • A dental crown can restore a tooth after a root canal.
  • It can be used to hold together a tooth that had been severely cracked or broken
  • It can be used to mask tooth discoloration and protect a worn tooth.
  • Dental crowns can also add some width or length to misshapen teeth.

Choose Smile Lines Family Dental For Dental Crowns

If you need a smile that is a crowning glory to you, then you may want a crown to cover a tooth or assist in restoring it to its standard size and shape. Not only will a crown improve the appearance of your tooth, but it will also make it stronger.

You need a crown today because it will help to strengthen a tooth that has a large filling when there are fewer teeth to fill the gap. The primary concern of Smile Line Dental is to help you keep your teeth in a healthy condition and have a bright smile.

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